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20 Mar, 2009

Save Sardinia Bay!

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This Website was setup from a PERSONAL CONCERN regarding the Future of the Bottom Parking Area at Sardinia Bay-and is in NO WAY connected or associated with the recently formed Action Group, although they are welcome to use the collected Data.


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Leave nothing but......sardinia bay beach

Leave nothing but......

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18 May, 2009

Seen from Schoonies

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Some Images with Sardinia Bay in the distant Background. Seen from the other End of the Sacramento Trail.

Sacramento Trail

Sacramento Trail

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30 Mar, 2009

Images 2002-2004

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23 Mar, 2009

Sardinia Bay

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Some would call Sardinia Bay beach, located just on the outskirts of Port Elizabeth, a beach paradise. Just a ten-minute drive out of the city, this stunning beach is still relatively undeveloped and uncrowded. Many locals still consider Sardinia Bay to be the last beach refuge during holiday season when thousands of visitors flock to the coast and crowd out the beaches. Few visitors know about this little haven, but more find out about it with each passing year. Its popularity as a swimming, kite surfing, sand boarding, horse riding and sunbathing beach is growing more and more with each passing year. Read the rest of this entry »

22 Mar, 2009

How do Sand Dunes Move?

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Sand can only be moved by strong, steady winds. The air must be moving at least 15 miles per hour (about 24km/per hour) to be able to pick up sand grains. These winds are called unidirectional winds because they always move in the same direction, from the southwest to the northeast. As the wind blows, it pushes the sand ahead of it, so individual dunes are slowly moving to the northeast. Read the rest of this entry »

21 Mar, 2009

Received from Stanford Slabbert

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Good Day

The letter in the Herald of 21st August, “Take action on Sardinia sand”, refers.

Firstly, I must point out that the two issues raised by the writer are completely different, requiring totally different strategies and action plans.

As the Ward Councilor, I have to be aware and act on many complex issues and the writer obviously has no idea of the background to either of these issues noted in his letter, so let me expand on both of them. Read the rest of this entry »

20 Mar, 2009

Sardinia Bay is under Threat

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Known locally as “Sards”, versatile Sardinia Bay is a marine reserve with miles of unspoiled coastline and crystal clear water. Regarded as one of the most picturesque beaches, this unspoiled stretch of coastline is excellent for diving, surfing, and scenic walks. It is a favorite with dog and horse owners who bring their pets down for exercise and recreation. Picnic places and braai facilities are also available. Sardinia Bay is also the starting point of Sacramento hiking trail, the very popular 8km round trip coastal walk through the Schoenmakerskop-Sardinia Bay Nature Reserve. Schoenmakerskop, a picturesque seaside village, offers picnic spots, coves and secluded tidal pools along the rocky section of the shore. Schools of dolphins and whales are frequently sighted in the area.

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